Breast Reconstruction Tampa FL

Double Mastectomy and bilateral DIEP flap done at same time. Picture taken at 6 weeks

DIEP flap procedure delayed after she underwent a nipple-sparing double mastectomy elsewhere. Picture at 3 weeks

Right side DIEP flap, Left side breast lift after her mastectomy and radiation 6 months earlier. Patient had nipple reconstruction 8 weeks after DIEP flap. Areola tattoo to add pigment is next stage in 2 months. 

Immediate Bilateral DIEP flap during the same time as her double mastectomy.

Bilateral DIEP flap after she failed reconstruction on the right  and wanted to remove implant from the left due to pain. Nipple reconstruction was performed. Picture at 10 weeks.

Bilateral DIEP flap at the same time as her preventative double mastectomy. Picture at 6 weeks 

Bilateral DIEP flap after her double mastectomy.

Patient previously had a mastectomy and tissue expander with implants elsewhere. Patient then visited Dr. Ambay and decided to have a bilateral DIEP flap as a salvage reconstruction.