DIEP flap (tummy tuck breast reconstruction) In Tampa, FL:

A single stage procedure even when combined with mastectomy, has the least downtime, quickest return to normal activity and least amount of pain. Most patients do not need to take anything other than Tylenol. Expect that you will be walking the day after surgery, showering the second day and at home on the third day after surgery.  Learn More.



Actual patients of Dr. Ambay.

Although we specialize in the DIEP flap, there are many options available for your reconstructive surgery. It's important that you are educated on every option so together you and Dr. Ambay can choose the procedure that best fits your needs and goals.

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1. You can have a mastectomy and reconstruction on the same day.

2. The DIEP flap is all natural, and can be done even after failed reconstruction or radiation.

3. The DIEP flap uses tissue normally discarded in a cosmetic tummy tuck to make a breast.